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Depicting horses has been my passion for practically my whole life. I started in early childhood with drawing and painting horses, moving on to a camera in my teens. After that it was taking pictures at shows or horse events and during horseback riding. In 2005, when I volunteered at a private barn, I started to pursue horse photography more seriously, taking shots of all the horses there repeatedly.

I have a background in fine arts, including photography, and I am a member with the Equine Photographer’s Network, where I update my photography knowledge on a continuous basis.

Horseback riding I started about 18 years ago with German style dressage, but soon switched to a more open style, which places more emphasis on communication and less on control of the horse. I have always been awed by baroque horses, and like taking photos of the classical breeds the most. Now I own a beautiful Arab-Trakehner mare and play with her regularly, try out new things with her, and sometimes even ride using the centered riding approach. This mare has led me on an exciting journey to greater self-awareness.

I prefer using natural light and do so whenever possible, as it brings the photograph to life. Fog, snow, frost or rain should not stop you to schedule a shoot; the light during these times can be amazing and could lead to a very special photograph.